Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Hunger Games Review Spoilers part 2

Getting back where we left off from Tuesday. The author brings up  Effie trinkets saying may the odds be ever in your favor and for both the people that got picked it was not. Prim got picked and she only had 1 name in the bowl and Peeta the one Katnis is going to fall in love with. Katnis fights falling in love with Peeta the whole series, but you know she is going to end up with him. Peeta only has his name in the bowl a couple of times aswell.Katnis takes Prims place and says her goodbyes. After Katnis leaves District 12 the book sort of drops off until Katnis enters the games for me at least. You meet a couple of characters that really don't matter if you think the book is going to be stand alone. Peeta makes a plan that Katnis is the person he always wanted to be with Katnis thinks it is a bad plan. Peeta is a smart charatcer and I don't really like what they do to him in the other books. Back to the games Haymitch tells Katnis to do a couple of things and she doesn't listen to him and it almost cost her life. Now I feel bad ruinng the rest of the book, so I decided to not write on what happens inside the games. Lets just say inside the game there is a bunch of awsome stuff that happens and you will have to find out for yourself it really makes the book. I know this may have been a trick to get you to read this book and I hope it worked. Also you wanted to use this to cheese out a book report read the book you are cheating yourself by not doing it

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Hunger games Spoiler review part 1

When I first read The Hunger games I could not put it down. It was one of those new and intresting things that got my attention. The Book would have been a great stand alone. The world that Suzanne Collins made was unqiue and thrilling, but gets spoiled by the second and third books.Now lets spoil this book for others or if you need a book report done. Katniss is a survivor and all she wants is to keep her family togther. Every day Katniss goes into the woods to hunt/gather trade stock. Katniss lives in a poorly rich part of Panem in  District 12. Why is it poorly rich you ask well the city is inclosed in a eletric fence that keeps all the bad things out, but keeps the people of district 12 locked in. It is against the law to explore outside the boundaries punished by death. District 12 is a coal District that supplys the rest of Panem with its coal and that is it. If the citziens where allowd outside the fence they would see that they are not really that bad off. Katniss risk death every day to support her family becuase her father died and it sent her mother into a deep depression. Katniss mother let her childern strave and almost die from Hunger. If it was not for Katniss risking her life to hunt/ gather it would have been over. Katniss support 3 people in her familly Primrose younger sister, her mother that dones't get a name other than her mother and Katniss.  Katniss hunts in the woods everyday with supplys left to her from her father. She uses a Bow most of the time and has a couple stashed around the woods. The Bow alone would get her a death sentence. She has a hunting partner Gale that is pretty much in the same ordeal as Katniss with being the sole provider. The way Gale is describe you know he will not be the love interest.  Today is reaping day the day where 1 girl and 1 boy are chosen to enter in the hunger games. Every year once you turn 12 and until you reach 18 your name is but into a fish bowl separate for the genders and  drawn. Your name is put in there cumulatively every year so first year 1 second year 2 and so on. Now the child can ask for Tessera  which adds your name more times into the bowl. The childern that are chosen are called Tributes and repasent thier district in the hunger games. Now I notice this is getting long so I will post part 2 Wednesday.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


I have been rereading a lot of  books latley and decided to start the Fablehaven series again. I finshed with The Hunger Games not too long ago and wanted something more lighthearted. The book is nice and is a easy read I am almost done with it and I started it last night. Next to dystopias urban fanstasy is my favorite arch type. Fablehaven is up there as one of my favorite storys. If I had to make a list of ten books I would recommend everyone should read this is what it would look like
1. Name of the Wind
2. Neuromancer- 
3. The Hunger Games
4. Ender's Game
5. The Dresdan Files
7.World War Z
8.The Martian
9.Brave New world
10. The Mistborn Trilogy
11. Bounce round The Chronicles of Narnia

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Hunger Games spoiler free book review

I read The Hunger Games almost five years ago and deicded to re read it recently to see if it holds up. The world building is well done and is mostly believeable. Most of the books main characters are well written and have flaws that make them feel like actual people. This book is listed as a young adult novel and it deservers that title this is not a chidlerns book. The book was a easy read, is not very long and still manage to let my imagenation wonder around in its world. Now becase this is a spoiler free review I can't  talk about  a lot events that happen in the book, but next tuesday I am going to do a spioler review of this book. Now does this book hold up could I read this again in a couple years and enjoy myself? Yes The Hunger Games holds up and I could see myself rereading it again in a couple of years. Did The Hunger Games need two more books or could it have been a stand alone and the answer to that is that it most definity could be a stand alone book. Sometimes the best thing you could do is let the readers wonder what happes next and make up the story for themselfs. This Tuesday coming up we will do a spoiler reviews of this book and go more indepths with Katniss Everdeen. Then on Thursday bad mouth the movie on this book. If you would like to buy the book here is a link to is on Amazon The Hunger Games. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Update Schedule

The plan is to update twice a week Tuesdays and Thursdays. For this weeks update I will go over a spoiler free review of the Hunger Games and Tuesday I will go over a spoiler review until then enjoy this video

Monday, August 10, 2015

Dystopian Shuffle

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog. I am in the process of wirtting a book and shotting a film on it. Though while people wait for that I thought I might throw in some cool stuff before the lunch of the Book  like charater designs, the world map, short films and web comics. As it gets closeer to the relesase date I will be giving away free copys of the book and other neat things. Finally I will be also reviewing other dystopian movies and books. This week we are going to look at The Hunger games "Book" by Suzanne Collins.