Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Hunger Games Review Spoilers part 2

Getting back where we left off from Tuesday. The author brings up  Effie trinkets saying may the odds be ever in your favor and for both the people that got picked it was not. Prim got picked and she only had 1 name in the bowl and Peeta the one Katnis is going to fall in love with. Katnis fights falling in love with Peeta the whole series, but you know she is going to end up with him. Peeta only has his name in the bowl a couple of times aswell.Katnis takes Prims place and says her goodbyes. After Katnis leaves District 12 the book sort of drops off until Katnis enters the games for me at least. You meet a couple of characters that really don't matter if you think the book is going to be stand alone. Peeta makes a plan that Katnis is the person he always wanted to be with Katnis thinks it is a bad plan. Peeta is a smart charatcer and I don't really like what they do to him in the other books. Back to the games Haymitch tells Katnis to do a couple of things and she doesn't listen to him and it almost cost her life. Now I feel bad ruinng the rest of the book, so I decided to not write on what happens inside the games. Lets just say inside the game there is a bunch of awsome stuff that happens and you will have to find out for yourself it really makes the book. I know this may have been a trick to get you to read this book and I hope it worked. Also you wanted to use this to cheese out a book report read the book you are cheating yourself by not doing it

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