Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Hunger Games spoiler free book review

I read The Hunger Games almost five years ago and deicded to re read it recently to see if it holds up. The world building is well done and is mostly believeable. Most of the books main characters are well written and have flaws that make them feel like actual people. This book is listed as a young adult novel and it deservers that title this is not a chidlerns book. The book was a easy read, is not very long and still manage to let my imagenation wonder around in its world. Now becase this is a spoiler free review I can't  talk about  a lot events that happen in the book, but next tuesday I am going to do a spioler review of this book. Now does this book hold up could I read this again in a couple years and enjoy myself? Yes The Hunger Games holds up and I could see myself rereading it again in a couple of years. Did The Hunger Games need two more books or could it have been a stand alone and the answer to that is that it most definity could be a stand alone book. Sometimes the best thing you could do is let the readers wonder what happes next and make up the story for themselfs. This Tuesday coming up we will do a spoiler reviews of this book and go more indepths with Katniss Everdeen. Then on Thursday bad mouth the movie on this book. If you would like to buy the book here is a link to is on Amazon The Hunger Games. 

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