Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Hunger games Spoiler review part 1

When I first read The Hunger games I could not put it down. It was one of those new and intresting things that got my attention. The Book would have been a great stand alone. The world that Suzanne Collins made was unqiue and thrilling, but gets spoiled by the second and third books.Now lets spoil this book for others or if you need a book report done. Katniss is a survivor and all she wants is to keep her family togther. Every day Katniss goes into the woods to hunt/gather trade stock. Katniss lives in a poorly rich part of Panem in  District 12. Why is it poorly rich you ask well the city is inclosed in a eletric fence that keeps all the bad things out, but keeps the people of district 12 locked in. It is against the law to explore outside the boundaries punished by death. District 12 is a coal District that supplys the rest of Panem with its coal and that is it. If the citziens where allowd outside the fence they would see that they are not really that bad off. Katniss risk death every day to support her family becuase her father died and it sent her mother into a deep depression. Katniss mother let her childern strave and almost die from Hunger. If it was not for Katniss risking her life to hunt/ gather it would have been over. Katniss support 3 people in her familly Primrose younger sister, her mother that dones't get a name other than her mother and Katniss.  Katniss hunts in the woods everyday with supplys left to her from her father. She uses a Bow most of the time and has a couple stashed around the woods. The Bow alone would get her a death sentence. She has a hunting partner Gale that is pretty much in the same ordeal as Katniss with being the sole provider. The way Gale is describe you know he will not be the love interest.  Today is reaping day the day where 1 girl and 1 boy are chosen to enter in the hunger games. Every year once you turn 12 and until you reach 18 your name is but into a fish bowl separate for the genders and  drawn. Your name is put in there cumulatively every year so first year 1 second year 2 and so on. Now the child can ask for Tessera  which adds your name more times into the bowl. The childern that are chosen are called Tributes and repasent thier district in the hunger games. Now I notice this is getting long so I will post part 2 Wednesday.

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