Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ben Qulam character sheet

Character Bios
Full Name: Ben Qualm
Dramatic Role: Protagonist
Physiology Profile: sturdy,keen and ambitious
Sex: Male
Age: 25
General Appearance: He has a solid build, a scar on his cheek and stands 5’ 9”
General Health: He is in good health
Abnormalities: playful, greedy

Sociology Profile

Race & Religion: American and no religion
Class Status: Dreg
Home life -- past and present: Ben was always a smart boy growing up until one day after the saw he was caught in a room where he did not belong helping out another service member. An important piece of tech was stolen and Ben was accused and found guilty of stealing and breaking it. His punishment was banishment from Helix. Later it was discovered that his friend had stolen the tech and Ben was exonerated, but it was too late he was already gone for more than a month. Ben found the Dreg camp where he setup his new home where he has been for the last couple of years doing whatever he could to survive. Recently he found a map of an old town, so he took out loan with the promise of returning with rare items.
Education: Grade school
Occupation: Tinker/salvager
Key relationship: Rob the leader of the dregs
Politics-- Not active in the town's inner workings
Hobbies: Reading, electronics, dancing

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