Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Change to updates

I think I am going to change the update timeline again. It is getting stressful to update 3 times a week, watch the kids, find time to write, trade stocks and find time for sanity. I am going to be updating once a week on Firday as it will give me more for content creation. This way it gives me more time to find the time to sit down and wirte without having to update 3 times a week.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Work work work

Today was a hoilday and  I have been working on the final part of  Bens quest. I wrote a paragraph last night and sent it to my proof reader and for the  first time ever they said it looks good. Usally is it a back and forth, but for once I got its okay. Now it may not seem like much, but it means that I am progressing. I have started the third book in the Incarnations of Immortality today I hope it is better than the second book. I should have the final parts up for Ben quest this week.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Bens quest part 3

Ben awoke tried the next day. Down stairs he discovered that the nex did come and visit him last night. He decided that staying in the same house again  would not be a wise choice. Ben had a long day ahead of him. From picking out a new house  to doing inventory of the stock room at the electronic store he was looking forward to a good night's rest. Tonight would be the last night he stayed in Tandem he had just enough supplies to get him back to the Dreg camp.He figured that a new house and more black pepper would be enough to evade the nex another night.  Returning to the Electronic store he found that his treasure from the night before was still there. Now that the Door was blasted  he would need to find a new hiding place to keep it safe. After he gets back to camp he should have enough to pay for a good size traveling party, but he has to get back first. After packing the premium data pads and  the harder to get replacement part Ben went looking for a place to bed down for the night. He found a cinder block house with old rusted bars on the windows and doors. The house was small, but well reinforced this would be the one. Ben spent the rest of the day moving the loot from the electronic store to the pink house with an attic he stayed at yesterday. It wasn’t the best place to hide things, but it had to do for now. Rain started to fall soon after Ben finished storing the electronics in the pink house. There was no point in peppering the grounds around his home for the night as any rain would wash it away though it would also hide his scent. The weather continued to worsen as night fell changing into a storm. The house was sturdy and the roof intact Ben found rest easy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ashtree plot overview

When I start working on a project I like to write a plot overview of what is going to happen just to get the Idea out of my head. It usally looks something like this
The house on Ashtree Hill
Main Characters
Jace (main character; around high school age)
Marvin (younger brother to Jace; middle school age)
Teysa (around the same age as Jace; cousin)

Plot Summary
Act I
Every summer Jace, his younger brother Marvin, and his cousin Teysa spend their summer vacation at their grandparents house.  One night during the summer Jace stays up late and witnesses something unusual happening at the house across the street.  The next day he convinces Teysa and Marvin to help him investigate.  They find the back door kicked in and decided to play detective.  While searching the house Jace finds a highly anticipated electronic device not due out until Christmas.  Unable to resist temptation, Jace secretly pockets the device.  That night when Jace turns on the device it doesn’t work.  Unsure if the device is broken or his grandparents don’t have the necessary signal, Jace decides to return it the next day forgetting the box it came in.  Early the next morning while trying to put the device back in the neighbor’s house, Jace unexpectedly runs into two men in black suits.   When the men question Jace, he says he found the device in the backyard of the house the day before and gives it to the suited men.  The same time this is happening Jace’s grandma is cleaning his room, sees the device box on the floor and packs it in his suit case for him.  After the men get done scolding Jace for taking things that don’t belong to him they allow him to go back to his grandparents promising not to tell anyone because he returned to stolen property.  With only a few weeks left before school starts, all the kids go home.  While unpacking their suitcases, the box for the device fall onto the floor of the room Jace and his brother Marvin share.  Marvin sees it and enthusiastically asks Jace where it came from. Jace tells his brother how he found the device at the house across the street from their grandparents, about how it didn’t work and about the men in suits who he returned it to.  Jace tells Marvin he regrets not being able to figure out how to make the device work before retuning it.  Marvin asks Jace if he read the instructions pulling the false bottom out of the box revealing the hidden compartment with the instruction manual and plot device.

End Act I

The point of an overview is to have the idea out of your head and on paper. I once had a teacher tell me that an Idea in your head is just a passing thought, but once pen hits paper it stay around forever.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Books that I am reading right now

I wanted time to finsh Ben quest this weekend instead I spent time with the family. I went to my mothers Saturday and had a great time. We BBQ some tritip if you have never have had it your are missing out. Sunday was the Super Bowl and again I went and spent time with the family. The weather was great, so we went to our local animal shelter to find a dog. I picked out a Brown Lab and also had him out the door when they did the cat test. The dog was great with the kids and laid back expect with cats it really likes them a lot a little too much, so our search will keep going. Now onto the title Books that I am reading, to be honest I am listening to one and trying to read the other slowly. The Audio book is the millionaire teacher by Andrew Hallam, so far it is good. The Book I am reading is Bearing An Hourglass by Piers Anthony it is a little slow, but I am enjoying it. The plan for this week is to have Bens quest part 3 done before firday and posted by then.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Working on Part 3 of Ben quest

I am in a process of writing part three of Ben quest, so far it is going good. I find that late at night when everyone else is alseep is the best time to get some wirtting in. I am trying to follow the the 10000 hour rule for becoming a better writer.

The 10,000 hour rule
10 hours= Familiar
100 hours= Proficient
1000 hours= Good
10000 hours = Expert

Now I am not saying that in 10,000 I will become the greatest writer ever just that I should see an important from  10 hours to 10,000 hours. To break it down in days
My goal is 2 hours a day writing
in 1 week I will have wirtten 2*7=14 hours not bad
In 1 month it will be 14*4=56+4 hours becuase most months are 30 days=60 hours a month
After 2 months I should be hitting the Proficient side, so in 1 year I will be at 720 hours as 60*12=720
It will take me about 13.8 years to hit the 10,000. Now given that I am a little older I would say I am well on my way to becoming better at my craft. Good news is that in two years I sould be getting into the good side of things.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bens quest part 2

The town of Tandem was in good shape for how long it had been vacant. Few people traveled out this way as there is little shelter from the Nex. Ben took note of how much daylight there was left  and made his way to  the town's shopping centers. Ben's goal had been to find a  electronic store or pharmacy he found both. At the pharmacy he was looking for  anti radiation drugs and painkillers both of which could set Ben up for a long time in the Dreg camps. Ben found nothing useful at the  pharmacy it  had been picked clean. He headed to the electronic store  next.The store shopping floor had been ransacked.Making his way to the back of the store he  found a locked door lucky for him. The door to the room was sturdy and true with reinforced hinges to stop people from breaking it down. There was no way Ben was going to kick this door down, so he pulled out his plasma gun and melted the hinges with two shots. His gun cooled and he put it in his holster on his hip. The Plasma gun was a rare find it was hard to find parts for it when it broke, but it was worth the price to repair it every time. The door fell with a loud thud and a musty smell leak from the room. Ben reached into his backpack pulled out his  lamp  and started digging through all the boxes. The room was packed with pre collapse gear. There was data slates that would easily pay off his loan and replacement part for them as well. Most Dregs when exile from their home town got to keep their data slate, but usually are the first thing broken or sold in the wastes. Ben was going to be rich, but getting back to the camp with all this tech was going to be difficult. It was late afternoon by the time he left the store and did not want to risk being out after dark, so started looking for shelter. Tadem had a lot of still intact house and he pick a faded pink house with an attic converted into a room. What daylight he had left was spent  fortifying the stairs into the attic and blocking the windows. The Nex have a keen sense of smell, so mostly likely he would be visited tonight. The trick to get them to leave him alone was to spread black pepper around the house and stairs up to the attic. Ben settled in for the night though sleep would not come easy for him. The night was uneventful and restless for Ben.