Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bens quest part 2

The town of Tandem was in good shape for how long it had been vacant. Few people traveled out this way as there is little shelter from the Nex. Ben took note of how much daylight there was left  and made his way to  the town's shopping centers. Ben's goal had been to find a  electronic store or pharmacy he found both. At the pharmacy he was looking for  anti radiation drugs and painkillers both of which could set Ben up for a long time in the Dreg camps. Ben found nothing useful at the  pharmacy it  had been picked clean. He headed to the electronic store  next.The store shopping floor had been ransacked.Making his way to the back of the store he  found a locked door lucky for him. The door to the room was sturdy and true with reinforced hinges to stop people from breaking it down. There was no way Ben was going to kick this door down, so he pulled out his plasma gun and melted the hinges with two shots. His gun cooled and he put it in his holster on his hip. The Plasma gun was a rare find it was hard to find parts for it when it broke, but it was worth the price to repair it every time. The door fell with a loud thud and a musty smell leak from the room. Ben reached into his backpack pulled out his  lamp  and started digging through all the boxes. The room was packed with pre collapse gear. There was data slates that would easily pay off his loan and replacement part for them as well. Most Dregs when exile from their home town got to keep their data slate, but usually are the first thing broken or sold in the wastes. Ben was going to be rich, but getting back to the camp with all this tech was going to be difficult. It was late afternoon by the time he left the store and did not want to risk being out after dark, so started looking for shelter. Tadem had a lot of still intact house and he pick a faded pink house with an attic converted into a room. What daylight he had left was spent  fortifying the stairs into the attic and blocking the windows. The Nex have a keen sense of smell, so mostly likely he would be visited tonight. The trick to get them to leave him alone was to spread black pepper around the house and stairs up to the attic. Ben settled in for the night though sleep would not come easy for him. The night was uneventful and restless for Ben.

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