Friday, February 12, 2016

Bens quest part 3

Ben awoke tried the next day. Down stairs he discovered that the nex did come and visit him last night. He decided that staying in the same house again  would not be a wise choice. Ben had a long day ahead of him. From picking out a new house  to doing inventory of the stock room at the electronic store he was looking forward to a good night's rest. Tonight would be the last night he stayed in Tandem he had just enough supplies to get him back to the Dreg camp.He figured that a new house and more black pepper would be enough to evade the nex another night.  Returning to the Electronic store he found that his treasure from the night before was still there. Now that the Door was blasted  he would need to find a new hiding place to keep it safe. After he gets back to camp he should have enough to pay for a good size traveling party, but he has to get back first. After packing the premium data pads and  the harder to get replacement part Ben went looking for a place to bed down for the night. He found a cinder block house with old rusted bars on the windows and doors. The house was small, but well reinforced this would be the one. Ben spent the rest of the day moving the loot from the electronic store to the pink house with an attic he stayed at yesterday. It wasn’t the best place to hide things, but it had to do for now. Rain started to fall soon after Ben finished storing the electronics in the pink house. There was no point in peppering the grounds around his home for the night as any rain would wash it away though it would also hide his scent. The weather continued to worsen as night fell changing into a storm. The house was sturdy and the roof intact Ben found rest easy.

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