Monday, February 8, 2016

Books that I am reading right now

I wanted time to finsh Ben quest this weekend instead I spent time with the family. I went to my mothers Saturday and had a great time. We BBQ some tritip if you have never have had it your are missing out. Sunday was the Super Bowl and again I went and spent time with the family. The weather was great, so we went to our local animal shelter to find a dog. I picked out a Brown Lab and also had him out the door when they did the cat test. The dog was great with the kids and laid back expect with cats it really likes them a lot a little too much, so our search will keep going. Now onto the title Books that I am reading, to be honest I am listening to one and trying to read the other slowly. The Audio book is the millionaire teacher by Andrew Hallam, so far it is good. The Book I am reading is Bearing An Hourglass by Piers Anthony it is a little slow, but I am enjoying it. The plan for this week is to have Bens quest part 3 done before firday and posted by then.

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