Thursday, February 4, 2016

Working on Part 3 of Ben quest

I am in a process of writing part three of Ben quest, so far it is going good. I find that late at night when everyone else is alseep is the best time to get some wirtting in. I am trying to follow the the 10000 hour rule for becoming a better writer.

The 10,000 hour rule
10 hours= Familiar
100 hours= Proficient
1000 hours= Good
10000 hours = Expert

Now I am not saying that in 10,000 I will become the greatest writer ever just that I should see an important from  10 hours to 10,000 hours. To break it down in days
My goal is 2 hours a day writing
in 1 week I will have wirtten 2*7=14 hours not bad
In 1 month it will be 14*4=56+4 hours becuase most months are 30 days=60 hours a month
After 2 months I should be hitting the Proficient side, so in 1 year I will be at 720 hours as 60*12=720
It will take me about 13.8 years to hit the 10,000. Now given that I am a little older I would say I am well on my way to becoming better at my craft. Good news is that in two years I sould be getting into the good side of things.

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