Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bens back

The expedition into the waste was tiresome for Ben. Maps for this area were hard to find, but  worth the cost. It took a long time to  get all the pieces for this map. Some piece came by trade others by luck, but he did it. He had the location of a  town no one has scavenged or made it back from. This was his ticket to the good life. well as good as it gets out here in the wastes. After working for the Dregs camp leader for free he was able to work out  terms for supplies. The terms were harsh and the penalty for missing a payment  fatal.  Most would call Ben mad for coming out this way because of the beasts in the area. Like the Therexxu is known to travel in the region. A  beast that can take a man's head off in one swipe from its enormous spiked tail. Usually if you leave the Therexxu alone it will leave you be. The nex are what you  have to watch out for. Their Skin would look like a normal Humans expect that it is scorched black and cracked. Each finger has large jagged claws, a disfigured head with  glowing slickly eyes and daggers for teeth. The nex liked to hunt here and human were alway on the menu. Ben couldn’t afford a bodyguard for the track out. The loan only got him enough credits to get basic supplies to make it there and back. It would be nice to have the company, but most people who sooner stab you in the gut and let you bleed out while they robbed you in the Dreg camps. Ben did have one thing going for him his plasma gun. It usually fired once or twice until it needed to recharge, but once it hit something the message was clear. Leave me alone or become a pile of ash. He  only had to use it once in the camps when a group of  twilight users tried to rob him. That is what got the Dreg camps leader to notice Ben. A good tinker was hard to find especially in the camps. After a couple of scary nights all alone in the waste Ben made it to  town. His maps were right about the location! He walked under an old worn sign it was hard to read, but managed. It read Welcome to Tadem stay awhile.

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