Friday, September 16, 2016

To the point book reviews Stop Acting Rich

       I have been reading a lot of self improvement, how to get rich and change your mind set books. Lets break down what they say right down to its basic level. For my first book lets look at Stop Acting Rich and start living like a real millionaire by Dr. Thomas J. Stanley
       I like these types of books, but feel like they go on for way too long. This book was 256 pages  and could have been 100 and got the point across. The points being be frugal with your money. Find a good deal for what you are looking for. If you need a watch Wal-Mart sells them cheap you don't need a rolex. Try to finding vaule in the things you are looking for. Have a plan for your cash and  spend less than you make. Make sound investments with your captial. If this is your frist time reading a book like this it is a nice eye opener. If you like books like this check out Rich dad Poor dad and the total money make over.

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