Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Whatever happend to those Tuesday updates

 Here is the what is going on I get to work on these updates late  night  Tuesday and Thursday. It gives me time to think and work on projects without being  interrupted. Now that is out of the way lets talk about the books that I am reading this week. The lessons of history by Will Durant it is a pretty short book and I have not finshed it yet, but should tonight. I also read Contagious by Jonah Berger both of these book are short which my brain needs this week.  I will have a short review on one of these soon, but I am looking forward to wiritng again Ben quest Part 3 which I cashed in some browine point to get some free time to write.
   Now you may be asking why read these books and not some great fiction. These books help  give me a tool set that when something come up in life I will beable florish . They boarden your perspective in life. Give you insight to how things work in the world and make you a better person. It is great to exlpore a new world, but sometimes you need to explore your own world and these book help guide me.

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