Monday, October 31, 2016

Journal Entry Four: Day 10

Day 10
I hate class!  I thought we would be learning history or geography.  Nope.  My mom is making me learn to sew.  Sewing takes forever and you have to be so careful that your stitches aren’t to big.  My stitches were too big.  My mom pulled them out and made me redo them six times.  Who would have thought making a handkerchief could be so hard.  I don’t know why I need to know how to sew anyway.  My mom says it’s a good skill to have.  She said once I learn to sew I can make lots of things.  Then she pointed to the quilt I sleep under and said that it was handmade by her mother.  She pointed to the clothes I’m wearing and said she made my shirt.  She pointed to Brooks favorite doll and said Lily made it.  It’s not that I don’t think lots of things can be made from sewing, I just don’t see why I have to know how to do it.  My mom didn’t agree with me.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


I hope all of you are finding the journal entries interesting.  At this point I have not given a bunch of details about what has happened.  I have also been vague about the author of the journal and his/her age.  I have tried to leave little hints though so be sure to reread the journal entries if you are unsure.  If you want you can comment with your guess.  Hey, you have a 50% chance of being right about gender and a 7% chance of being right about age.  If enough people comment I might even be convinced to do a giveaway.  (It's really no fun if only one person comments, although someone has to start it).  During the next week two new journal entries will be posted so stay tuned and look for more clues.  Follow the blog to be the first to see new posts.
Lynndee Theson  

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Journal Entry Three: Day 7

If you are liking the journal entries please let me know.  Also, be sure to read them in order to fully understand what is going on.  Follow our blog to get updates when new journal entries are posted.
Lynndee Theson  

Day 7
My mom was out of bed before everyone else this morning.  She made breakfast for us like she used to.  We even ate as a family.  Then she announced that we would be having class today.  Any other time I would have been disappointed, but not today.  If mom was going to teach class today she must be feeling better.  It would be nice to have a routine again.  My entire life had been routine, even stuff like E.D.D’s were routine for our family.  Routine meant normalcy.  This past week had been anything but normal.    

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Journal Entry Two: Day 5

Day 5
Brooke won’t stop asking when we can go back home.  I don’t think her three year old mind can understand that our home may not even be there anymore. I am still trying to understand  what happened.  No one seems to know.  All the talk on the two way radio only proves that everyone is as clueless as we are.  So far we know of three other families that survived.  We knew all of them before.  They were families like ours that planned for the day something bad would happen.  Although my dad hadn’t said when we would be leaving the shelter I knew we would be here for at least a month.  No more than a year because there was only a year supply of food in the shelter.  I know because David and I had stocked a year supply of food down here a few months ago.  I miss David.  It would be so different if David were here.  As it is my mom seems to be in a world by herself where she wanders around mumbling to herself and crying.  Last night there was a noise at the door and she ran over calling out to David.  She tried to open the door.  My dad pulled her back before she could unseal it.  They fought.  The shelter is so small everyone, but Brooke who was sleeping, heard their fight. We all pretended we didn’t.  My dad told my mom David was dead.  By trying to open the door she was endangering the rest of us.  He told her she needed to accept that David was gone.  She had four other kids to think about that all needed her to be strong right now.  She hasn’t gotten out of bed today.  

Friday, October 21, 2016

Journal Entry One: Day Zero

So, this is just an idea I am kinda playing with.  It is still kinda in the experiment phase so please leave any feedback you may have in the comments.  I have taken the idea of a journal from Sarah Fine who wrote a series called Guards of the Shadowlands.   This is a really good series I enjoyed and will review at a later time but if you are interested you can see some of the journal entries she created here
I used the journal idea and have started a journal as a prequel to the the dystopian novel Jake and Sarah are working on.  Let me know what you think.  Any feedback would be helpful.
Lynndee Theson  
Day Zero
It was early morning when the collapse happened.  The sun hadn’t come up yet.  I should have been sleeping in my bed in the room I shared with my older brother David.  Instead, my mom had barged into our room and blown the fog horn.  Everyone in our house knew what the fog horn meant.  Emergency Disaster Drill.  E.D.D.  My parents ran E.D.D’s at least twice a month and timed how long it took us to get from the house into the underground shelter they had designed and built after David was born.  David was 17 years old.  An E.D.D. could happen anytime, day or night.  It was to test how prepared we were for a disaster.  What disaster I didn’t know but my parents made sure our family would be survivors.  David was convinced our parents were crazy.  He was just waiting until his 18th birthday when he could leave.  David was still in bed when I grabbed my emergency pack and ran out the bedroom door.  My dad was waiting by the door to the underground shelter when I got there but unlike every other E.D.D. I could remember the stopwatch wasn’t anywhere to be seen.  Still, It wasn’t until after my parents came down sealed the door that I realized this wasn’t a drill.  As my dad was locking us in he called out “roll call”.  During role call everyone called out their name, starting with the oldest and ending with the youngest.  After a short pause my oldest sister Lily called out her name followed by me and then my twin sister Courtney, and lastly my baby sister Brooke.  The noise outside startled all of us but it was my mother's anguished cries that terrified us the most.  David wasn’t here.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Working on the book again

After all the fun of Zappcon is behind us until next year it is time to get back to the book. Today while rereading some of the monsters I wrote up I came across one I forgot about. I will not spoil what it is. Just know it is something I wish I could have left in the back of my mind and never let it see the light of day. It was nice looking at all the work on have done for this story and to think about all the work I put into it only makes me want to do more. It does not feel like work  and I am having a lot of fun creating a realm to where if I wanted to base all my table top games around and have a good time playing with it.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Zappcon 2016

    Over the last weekend I was able to attend Zappcon.  In case you haven't heard of Zappcon, I will give a little history about it.  Zappcon was founded in Fresno, Ca,.  It is a convention for all things nerdy including, comics, cosplay, Magic the Gathering, Pathfinder, Warhammer, D&D, board gaming, pokemon, star wars, star trek, . . .  I think you get the idea.  Not only does it have great venders selling nerdy gear, it also has panels where special guest will play games with you, teach you about writing or voice acting, teach you to play a variety of games such as card gaming and tabletop gaming.  You can find more information about Zappcon on facebook

Danny Scheible original tapigami creation
    I met some awesome people, bought some awesome swag, and learned some new things.  I had the opportunity to meet Danny Scheible (aka DAnny Sacramento).  Danny is an artist who creates things using masking tape.  Along with Eben E.B Burgoon(author of entertaining comic B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune) and Sean Sutter(lead artist on B-Squad), Danny brought  along an entire city made from masking tape.  I attempted to make my own tapigami under the direction of Danny and while I had fun doing it, I need more practice.  Luckily, he game me a roll of masking tape to take home.  I highly suggest you check out some of his creations.  He can also be found on facebook
    Chanda Hahn is the author of a very popular series An Unfortunate Fairy Tale as well as a few other series including The Iron Butterfly and her newest series The Neverwood Chronicles which will be debuting its first book of the series Lost Girl in December 2016.  As an aspiring author myself, I always enjoy talking to other authors and learning from them.  I found Chanda to be extremely helpful and as a successful writer she was also inspiring.  She was very honest with me about keeping my expectations realistic.  I spend a lot of time talking to Chanda and found her to be a very positive person who was fun to be around and super easy going.  We played a few games of Love Letter (The Hobbit edition) and just talked and joked around.  I don't even remember who won. You can find Chanda on facebook or check out her books on amazon .

Princess Marly Cosplay

 Each year venders come to sell their merchandise at Zappcon.  Some are returning and others are new, but all hope that the attendees will be customers and if not buy from them at the con purchase from them online at an etsy shop.  I was given a budget which I only slightly followed.  The flower wreath I am wearing in my picture with Princess Marly Cosplay was from one of my favorite three time returning venders Dr. Hogan-Berry’s Extraordinary Emporium of Genre Jewelry.  I alway buy something from them because they have such a nice selection for items from pocket watches and necklaces to keychains and decorated headbands.  They can be found on facebook  My favorite purchase this year was the metal elf ears I got from Bottivingelo.  I got a set and wore them around the entire time.  Many people asked where I got them from and complimented me on them. Get your own pair on etsy at their store
    What I love most about Zappcon is the Cosplay contest.  Each year I make sure I am able to attend the cosplay contest and see what other people dress up as.  I was really impressed with how much time people put into their costumes.  Many people not only dress up but have props for their character and some costumes even have special features like lights or smoke.  It is so fun to watch and cheer on the participants.  What blows me away the most is the showmanship.  I would be so nervous walking onto that stage but these people either have no fear or hide it really well because they went onto the stage, posed, and some even had mini skits.
    If you are able to attend Zappcon next year, I suggest you do.  Tickets can be purchased during the presale at a discounted rate.
        Lynndee Theson


Working on more reviews

Hey everyone I am working on more reviews and setting up a podcast where I meet with other people  I am looking forward to that. I am still working on Ben quest part 3 taking way longer to get writing time than I thought. Sorry about the late post my oldest child came down with the stomach flu and it was  a fun last couple of hours cleaning out the car from that. This week expect more reviews and a run down of cool stuff that happened at Zappcon 2016.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Book review for C.L Wilson's The Winter King

    I will start by introducing myself.  I have chosen to give a alias or what I hope to one day be the name that will be known for my book reviews.  (A girl can dream!)  I was unable to come up with something imaginative though so after much thought during the night when I was unable to quiet my mind I settled on Lynndee Theson.  I know, not clever or creative but that is what I decided on.           Anyway, enough about me, let's get down to the business of my latest read.
    Saturday night I purchased C.L. Wilson's book entitled The Winter King on my kindle.  The kindle copy has 613 pages.  I finished the book Monday night which is no small feat since I have small children and wasn't able to spend all my time reading.  However, I decided to take Sunday "off" and read as much as I possibly could.  That alone should tell you how much I liked the book.  I believe this is suppose to be a series since on amazon next to the title it has the words Weathermages of Mystral Book 1.  At the time of this review no other book for the series has come out.
    Overall I really enjoyed the book.  It was long and another author might have taken advantage of that and made it into three separate books, each ending with a cliffhanger, but I liked that C.L.Wilson didn't do that.  This is the story of Wynter Atrialan, King of Wintercraig, and Khamsin Coruscate, Princess of Summerlea.  Although it has a fantasy feel, at its core, this is a love story between the two of them.  (Note for future reference, I am a romantic, I love love stories.)  Yes there are many obstacles in the way of their love and yes they overcome each one to discover that they truly love each other.  The first obstacle is that they are from different kingdoms and are actually at war with each other.  Not at war, Wynter Atrialan's kingdom of Wintercraig has actually defeated Summerlea and demands one of the Summerlea's king's daughters as his bride.  Not exactly romantic.  King Verdan IV of Summerlea has three very well known daughters known as the Seasons.  Their names are Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Khamsin is the youngest and isn't treated like a princess or claimed by her father.  So the king of Summerlea uses that to his advantage and tricks Wynter into marrying Khamsin.
    At this point I feel the need to warn all interested readers that this is a book meant for adults.  There is Adult themes.  It isn't pages of foreplay and dirty words but it is descriptive.  I have no problem with this but i know some people do and I certainly don't want anyone to let their tweens or teens read it based on my review without knowing that it is slightly graphic with the sex scenes.  (Yes, there are more than one.)
    Many obstacles later, including a want to be mistress, evil dead guy trying to take over Wynter's body, garm (some type of pet of the evil dead guy), plot from King Verdan to reclaim his kingdom and kill Wynter, suspected betrayal, actual betrayal, and another war, Wynter and Khamsin discover that they have fallen in love with each other.  Their attraction to each other is instant.  Their love is developed over time as they get to know one another.  This is a wonderful love story and I recommend it (to the age appropriate audience).
   I look forward to the next book of this series and secretly hope it will be about one of Khamsin's sisters.
Lynndee Theson
Book Reviewer
Here is a link if you are interested in reading this book

Monday, October 10, 2016

Zappcon give away

I have two weekend passes to Zappcon up for grabs if you want them just leave a comment and I will get them to you. The event is next weekend Oct15-16. These are two day passes and maybe some VIP perks in there to. If you want to enter all you have to do is leave a comment down below or email saying that you are intrested. I am going to close the give away on Wednesday.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

How is Ben doing?

I got  a little time to write today Bens quest part 3. It is coming along good and I should have something up by Sunday night. Today was a pretty good day I got to meet some new people. I had my first Job interview in 7 years. I was not really looking for a new job, but like what this company has to sell. Some better news in that the Book Helix working Title should be back in production soon. Until then I will be doing a give away tomorrow and will announce the winners Monday. I am giving away two all weekend long Zappcon tickets the give away will start tomorrow once I will have the details then on how to win them.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Working on myself

This week I made some time for myself to write. Last week was a whirlwind of family, friends and work. I plan on reading how to win friends and influence people. I know again you ask if you have time to read why not write well I can't always focus on it, but with reading I can do a little here and there. The next book I will be looking at after this one is going to be working on time managment becuase I need to work on that better.