Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Book review for C.L Wilson's The Winter King

    I will start by introducing myself.  I have chosen to give a alias or what I hope to one day be the name that will be known for my book reviews.  (A girl can dream!)  I was unable to come up with something imaginative though so after much thought during the night when I was unable to quiet my mind I settled on Lynndee Theson.  I know, not clever or creative but that is what I decided on.           Anyway, enough about me, let's get down to the business of my latest read.
    Saturday night I purchased C.L. Wilson's book entitled The Winter King on my kindle.  The kindle copy has 613 pages.  I finished the book Monday night which is no small feat since I have small children and wasn't able to spend all my time reading.  However, I decided to take Sunday "off" and read as much as I possibly could.  That alone should tell you how much I liked the book.  I believe this is suppose to be a series since on amazon next to the title it has the words Weathermages of Mystral Book 1.  At the time of this review no other book for the series has come out.
    Overall I really enjoyed the book.  It was long and another author might have taken advantage of that and made it into three separate books, each ending with a cliffhanger, but I liked that C.L.Wilson didn't do that.  This is the story of Wynter Atrialan, King of Wintercraig, and Khamsin Coruscate, Princess of Summerlea.  Although it has a fantasy feel, at its core, this is a love story between the two of them.  (Note for future reference, I am a romantic, I love love stories.)  Yes there are many obstacles in the way of their love and yes they overcome each one to discover that they truly love each other.  The first obstacle is that they are from different kingdoms and are actually at war with each other.  Not at war, Wynter Atrialan's kingdom of Wintercraig has actually defeated Summerlea and demands one of the Summerlea's king's daughters as his bride.  Not exactly romantic.  King Verdan IV of Summerlea has three very well known daughters known as the Seasons.  Their names are Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Khamsin is the youngest and isn't treated like a princess or claimed by her father.  So the king of Summerlea uses that to his advantage and tricks Wynter into marrying Khamsin.
    At this point I feel the need to warn all interested readers that this is a book meant for adults.  There is Adult themes.  It isn't pages of foreplay and dirty words but it is descriptive.  I have no problem with this but i know some people do and I certainly don't want anyone to let their tweens or teens read it based on my review without knowing that it is slightly graphic with the sex scenes.  (Yes, there are more than one.)
    Many obstacles later, including a want to be mistress, evil dead guy trying to take over Wynter's body, garm (some type of pet of the evil dead guy), plot from King Verdan to reclaim his kingdom and kill Wynter, suspected betrayal, actual betrayal, and another war, Wynter and Khamsin discover that they have fallen in love with each other.  Their attraction to each other is instant.  Their love is developed over time as they get to know one another.  This is a wonderful love story and I recommend it (to the age appropriate audience).
   I look forward to the next book of this series and secretly hope it will be about one of Khamsin's sisters.
Lynndee Theson
Book Reviewer
Here is a link if you are interested in reading this book

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