Monday, October 17, 2016

Zappcon 2016

    Over the last weekend I was able to attend Zappcon.  In case you haven't heard of Zappcon, I will give a little history about it.  Zappcon was founded in Fresno, Ca,.  It is a convention for all things nerdy including, comics, cosplay, Magic the Gathering, Pathfinder, Warhammer, D&D, board gaming, pokemon, star wars, star trek, . . .  I think you get the idea.  Not only does it have great venders selling nerdy gear, it also has panels where special guest will play games with you, teach you about writing or voice acting, teach you to play a variety of games such as card gaming and tabletop gaming.  You can find more information about Zappcon on facebook

Danny Scheible original tapigami creation
    I met some awesome people, bought some awesome swag, and learned some new things.  I had the opportunity to meet Danny Scheible (aka DAnny Sacramento).  Danny is an artist who creates things using masking tape.  Along with Eben E.B Burgoon(author of entertaining comic B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune) and Sean Sutter(lead artist on B-Squad), Danny brought  along an entire city made from masking tape.  I attempted to make my own tapigami under the direction of Danny and while I had fun doing it, I need more practice.  Luckily, he game me a roll of masking tape to take home.  I highly suggest you check out some of his creations.  He can also be found on facebook
    Chanda Hahn is the author of a very popular series An Unfortunate Fairy Tale as well as a few other series including The Iron Butterfly and her newest series The Neverwood Chronicles which will be debuting its first book of the series Lost Girl in December 2016.  As an aspiring author myself, I always enjoy talking to other authors and learning from them.  I found Chanda to be extremely helpful and as a successful writer she was also inspiring.  She was very honest with me about keeping my expectations realistic.  I spend a lot of time talking to Chanda and found her to be a very positive person who was fun to be around and super easy going.  We played a few games of Love Letter (The Hobbit edition) and just talked and joked around.  I don't even remember who won. You can find Chanda on facebook or check out her books on amazon .

Princess Marly Cosplay

 Each year venders come to sell their merchandise at Zappcon.  Some are returning and others are new, but all hope that the attendees will be customers and if not buy from them at the con purchase from them online at an etsy shop.  I was given a budget which I only slightly followed.  The flower wreath I am wearing in my picture with Princess Marly Cosplay was from one of my favorite three time returning venders Dr. Hogan-Berry’s Extraordinary Emporium of Genre Jewelry.  I alway buy something from them because they have such a nice selection for items from pocket watches and necklaces to keychains and decorated headbands.  They can be found on facebook  My favorite purchase this year was the metal elf ears I got from Bottivingelo.  I got a set and wore them around the entire time.  Many people asked where I got them from and complimented me on them. Get your own pair on etsy at their store
    What I love most about Zappcon is the Cosplay contest.  Each year I make sure I am able to attend the cosplay contest and see what other people dress up as.  I was really impressed with how much time people put into their costumes.  Many people not only dress up but have props for their character and some costumes even have special features like lights or smoke.  It is so fun to watch and cheer on the participants.  What blows me away the most is the showmanship.  I would be so nervous walking onto that stage but these people either have no fear or hide it really well because they went onto the stage, posed, and some even had mini skits.
    If you are able to attend Zappcon next year, I suggest you do.  Tickets can be purchased during the presale at a discounted rate.
        Lynndee Theson


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