Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Update

Sunday Update

What happened last week

  • New book review for On a Pale Horse
On a Pale Horse is book one in the series Incarnations of Immortality by a Piers Anthony.  This book is the story of the Incarnation of Death.  Read the review for On a Pale Horse.

  • Two new Day Zero journal entries.
Journal entries seven and eight were published for the first time.  Follow all of Day Zero journal entries but make sure to read them in order starting with the first journal entry.
What is happening this week

  • Bearing an Hourglass book review
Lynndee will review Bearing an Hourglass, the second book in the Incarnations of Immortality series.  Special Thanks to Gingi from Domestic Geek Girl for the tips on writing reviews.

  • Two new Day Zero journal entries
Another two journal entries will be published this week for Day Zero.  Day 18 and 19 will bring new characters as well as more hints about the age and gender of the author of the journal.

  • Continued work on Dystopian Shuffle
Dystopian shuffle is getting makeover.  We are trying to make the site more user friendly and easier to navigate.  Please bear with us as this is a process.  Another special Thanks to Chanda Hahn for her input and advice!  We welcome suggestions from our readers to make the site and posts better.


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