Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday Update


Last week I tried something different and instead of a Sunday Update I posted a new Journal Entry.  I also didn't post a book review last week on Monday.  Again, I posted a new Journal Entry.  I was trying to see what days would get the most views.  Neither day did as good as the normal schedule so I have decided to go back to Sunday being an update, Monday being a book review, Wednesday and Friday will be Day Zero journal entries.

What will be happening this week

Lynndee will be reviewing Being a Green Mother by Piers Anthony as part of her series review for The Incarnations of Immortality.  This is the fifth book in the series.  

Last Day Zero journal entry for the first month.  I would enjoy all of your thoughts and ideas of what to do during the next month.

Lynndee Birthday!!!

All Day Zero journal entries will be reposted in one post starting with Day Zero and going through the first month.  This will allow you to read all the journal entries in order from top to bottom instead of bottom to top.  Any feedback and ideas about journal entries would be helpful.

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