Monday, January 9, 2017

Journal Entry 17

Day 36
There is so much to do before we leave the shelter.  Dad has been assigning everyone tasks.  I got inventory.  Seriously?  Why would you assign a fourteen year old inventory?  It wouldn’t be so bad but Brooke was assigned as my helper.  For the record, a three year old is a terrible helper!  Right away I know she can’t actually count anything so I ask her to put similar items together.  She grouped everything by color.  All blue things in one pile, green in another, red, yellow, brown, ect.  I had to redo all of it and lost a whole day of work thanks to Brooke’s help.  As usual, mom praised Brooke.  She was so impressed that Brooke color coordinated everything.  So the next day I was more specific.  I told Brooke to organize all the cans.  I thought I was giving her an easy task that she couldn’t possibly screw up.  She went and found all the cans and make a large pile of cans.  None of them were organized at all.  Food was mixed with bug spray, deodorant, and WD40.  I mean come on, you can’t even tell that WD40 doesn’t go in the same pile as soup?  David and I did inventory for years and I know that dad wouldn’t be okay with everything grouped that way so I lost another day of work and spent the next day reorganizing all the cans into more specific groups.  I asked dad if Lily could help me instead of Brooke but he said no.  Asshole!

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