Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Journal Entry 18

Day 37
Turns out I’m the asshole.  I exploded at Brooke today.  I didn’t hit her but I was yelling really loud and calling her names.  Mom came over and slapped me across the face them went and comforted Brooke who was crying.  She cried for the next hour and a half.  Lily and Courtney kept giving me dirty looks the rest of the day.  
After dinner dad pulled me aside and had a talk with me.  I thought he was going to hit me too but he calmly said I had disappointed him.  He expected better from me since I was now the oldest son.  I tried to defend myself but dad wouldn’t let me.  He told me a story about David when I was assigned as his assistant.  Apparently, David had also disliked working with me.  I don’t remember that.  I always thought we worked really good together.  David was a born leader and I was his second in command.  It was different now.  Now I was the leader.  For this assignment, Brooke was my second in command and I had treated her like crap.  I am disappointed in myself.  How can I lead anyone if I can’t make people understand what I want to be done.  I’m gonna make it up to Brooke!  I promise!

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