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Over a century ago the world was changed forever.  The original survivors created factions so that some people went into service, army, or became wanderers.  The faction you went into depended on how you performed on the S.A.W. test.  Those that went into service helped provide for the others by growing food or learning medical skills to assist when someone got hurt.  Army was to defend settlements from beasts, bugs, and bandits.  Very few people became wanderers and wander the waste in search of supplies.  The wanderers have the most dangerous job because they are the ones exposed to the waste without the protection of the army.  Wanderers travel teams of two through the waste and bring back anything they find that could be useful.  

Follow a group of survivors who lived through the disaster that changed the world forever by reading Day Zero journal entries.  

We are currently working on a book.  More information about the book will be released at a later time.  

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